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New activities for companies Bitel represent in Israel:


VI Systems launches 100G Optical Subassemblies.

VI Systems now releases parallel optic testboards for 4 x 25 Gbit/s applications and product development.

Royal ohm

Royal Electronic Factory Co.,Ltd.
There are several resistor manufacturers in the market, thus choosing
a Reliable partner is a challenge.
ROYALOHM has 42 yrs. of resistor manufacturing and distribution experience.


provides design solutions with software support,
on-site process consulting and products of lower loss,
steeper shape factor and manufacturable state of the art
IF SAW Filters including special RF SAW Filters.

QSI Laser Diodes

Red & Infra red Laser Diodes
Wave Length 637nm to 905nm.
808nm 7W Laser Diodes.
Custom products available.

Capax MLC & RF/Microwave Surface Mount Capacitors

•Single Layer Microwave Capacitors (SLC)
•S-Series: Single Layer Gap Capacitors
•C-Series: Ultra Low ESR Capacitors (EIA)
•RF/Microwave Porcelain Multilayer Capacitors:

CMC Cockpit Systems Integration and Avionics Solutions

The company is a major supplier to the aerospace and high-technology industries, airlines, and military projects.
Bitel group is wishing
all of our customers and suppliers with a " Happy and successful New Jewish Year"
new areas
The new areas of our innovation are in (1) multi carrier power amplifier for CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, and TRS and other fields, and (2) mid size power amplifiers where MMICs leave off
Circular Planner Arrays
is now available from AMC